Relieve Your Pain with Patented, FDA Approved Hand-Held Device

FDA approves for home pain relief based on energy of 3 vitality sources to pick up relief from discomfort and enable the body to mend itself.

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HeatLux Pro II utilizes three diverse vitality sources – each focusing on an alternate profundity to assuage torment by treating its source, expanding dissemination and quickening the recuperating process.

Profoundly infiltrating innovation that achieves the muscles and joints and expands blood course to treat the wellspring of the pain.

Low Light Laser Therapy to treat muscle fits.

Light with double wavelengths – Infra Red (IR) and red range for treating agony and firmness.

The HeatLux Pro II utilizes wavelengths and bipolar RF to animate the body’s recuperating components and increment blood course, attracting oxygen and supplements to the influenced region. The profound warming makes an ideal recuperating condition that quickens tissue recovery and lessens aggravation, muscle hurts, solidness, and torment. The restorative impacts may likewise incorporate muscle unwinding and an enhanced scope of movement.

It’s a phenomenal answer for an extensive variety of injuries, traumas and other pain, constant or continuous torment and ordinary aches.

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Doctors reviews:

  • “I tried Silk’n Relief on a number of patients who are actively involved in sports and in tennis for the treatment of Tennis elbow(/lower back/neck). I was so impressed with the results that I decided to let all of my patients with complaints about pain try it too instead of various topical creams/drugs that I prescribe to them. Most of these patients experienced marked reduction of pain, and their healing time reduced significantly. They all reported that the device was very easy to use, and none of them reported side effects or adverse reactions.” – Tina S. Alster, M.D.Director, Washington Institute of Dermatologic Laser Surgery Clinical Professor of Dermatology, Georgetown University Medical Center
  • “I am familiar with the use of LLLT, LED and Bi-polar RF energies for a wide range of applications, especially in indications where reduction of inflammation and stimulation of healing are required. Therefore, I was not surprised when I came across the same combination of energies utilized for pain reduction and healing in Silk’n Relief – a self- treatment device. I recommended Silk’n relief to some of my patients, as part of their post-surgery recovery regimen. All the patients who used Silk’n Relief reported smoother healing and shorter downtime following surgery.” – Stephen Mulholland, M.D. Plastic and reconstructive surgery, SpaMedica, Toronto, Canada
  • “Orthopedic conditions causing pain can sometimes be very difficult to diagnose, and those diagnosed can sometimes be difficult to treat without surgical measures that are normally reserved for only the most extreme of conditions. As a result, many of my patients are in constant search for non-surgical solutions to pain that will be effective, but will not create drug dependency. To examine an energy-based alternative, I decided to put Silk’n Relief to a preliminary test with 5 of my patients who suffer from chronic tennis elbow. The response was very encouraging. Not only did these patients report fewer episodes of pain with generally less pain, but also in follow-up tests – some of them demonstrated improvement/healing.” – Prof. Yoav Matan Head of Orthopaedic Section, Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Hadassah Medical Center, Mount Scopus, Israel